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End-of-Summer Madness: Oceanarium, Trails to Antarctica, and Symphony Evening Show at Manila Ocean Park for P399 instead of P1500

Offer: P399
Value: P1500

Entrance Pass to Symphony Evening Show at Manila Ocean Park for P119 instead of P500 - A Spectacular Performance

Offer: P119
Value: P500

P99 instead of P500: Step Right In at the Manila Ocean Park for an Adventure at the Amazing Stories of Yexel's Museum

Offer: P99
Value: P500

Entrance to Sharks & Rays Dry Encounter with Lunch Buffet at Liquid at the Manila Ocean Park for P225 instead of P800

Offer: P225
Value: P800

Enjoy Manila Ocean Park`s Oceanarium, Fish Spa, Sharks & Rays Dry Encounter with Eat-All-You-Can Buffet for P650

Offer: P650
Value: P1350

Ultimate Adventure at Manila Ocean Park: 8-in-1 Attractions with Eat-All-You-Can Buffet for P899 instead of P2600

Offer: P899
Value: P2600

Ultimate Adventure Level Up: Enjoy 10-in-1 Attractions with Manila Ocean Park Pacific Sky Wonder for P799 instead of P3250

Offer: P799
Value: P3250

Deep Sea Rush: Enjoy Manila Ocean Park's 5 Wonderful Attractions for P499 instead of P1550 per person

Offer: P499
Value: P1550
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