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50% Off: P2250 instead of P4500 for Two 7-Step Scalp-Care Treatment Sessions at Meinas Scalp Treatment Center

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P4500 50% P2250


  • Reveal healthier hair and scalp with a Scalp Caring Treatment with 7 professional steps at Meinas Scalp Treatment Center
  • Benefit from these scalp and hair nourishing steps: Consultation and Examination; Scalp Massage; Scalp Stimulation; Scalp Nourishment; Oxygen Activation; and Scalp Activation
  • Stop hair fall, itchy scalp and dandruff; revitalize your scalp to bring back your hair’s luster and shine
  • It's not just about the number of hair enhancements you get but it's more on how healthy your scalp is to achieve beautiful, shiny hair
  • US-formulated products are used to treat every scalp problem. Meinas uses pure oxygen for hair cultivation so you can rest assure that all of their products are safe and effective
  • First 50 voucher-holders to redeem will receive a free gift item

End your battle with itchy scalp, dandruff and hair loss with the help of Meinas’ 7-Step Scalp Care Treatment. Solve all your scalp problems in no time, leaving you with well-nourished scalp and healthy hair with today’s MetroDeal: P2250 instead of P4500 for 2 Scalp-Care Treatment Sessions at Meinas Scalp Treatment Center and save 50%.



Meinas provide the 7-Step Procedure to ensure complete resolution in addressing you scalp problems. It starts with a thorough assessment of your scalp’s condition with the use of 200x optics fiber detector to examine your scalp & hair follicle. A wooden Meinas Health Comb is then used to stimulate blood circulation followed by the natural mineral sea mud, together with their Oxy-Life A2 to activate the blood circulation and suppress free radicals. Meinas Herb Scalp Cleanser 1 addresses scalp problems while helping to strengthen hair and improve re-growth.



Their Herb Botanical Cleanser 2 activates hair follicle and albuminoid upon being massaged on the scalp. It suppresses excess sweating and promotes growth of hair. The purification of the circulatory system and egesting system is processed slowly and gently. Meinas Herb Tonic 3 is smeared on the required area of the scalp, together with the Meinas Oxy-Life A2, which is used to aid better absorption. Then the Meinas Herb Tonic 3 is reapplied. The hair follicle shrinks and nutrition is absorbed constantly.  The growth of hair is promoted. Finally, the Meinas Collagen Serum 4 is applied on the scalp to help the activation and regeneration of trichoblast. This helps in regenerating protein structures and keeping the hair moisturized. With this process, hair is fortified with cuticle and completely protected from damage and dryness.



The predominance of green in varying shades at Meinas Scalp Treatment Center clinic epitomizes the symbiotic purity and modernity they offer. The cool, clean lines and lighting create an impeccable atmosphere that is complemented by comfortable furnishings, reflecting the welcoming and quality service inherent in all their treatments. The clinic is adeptly equipped with the latest medical and cosmetic products and equipment to fulfill all beautification needs and desires.

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Meinas Scalp Treatment Center

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Meinas Scalp Treatment Center
50% Off: P2250 instead of P4500 for Two 7-Step Scalp-Care Treatment Sessions at Meinas Scalp Treatment Center
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