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Enjoy Load for your Cellphone for 40% Off: P60 for P100 worth of Load to Call, send SMS and Surf the Internet for all Networks

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P100 40% P40


  • Reload your cellphone to keep calling, sending SMS & surfing the internet through LoadMeNa.com
  • Load for major networks available: Globe, Smart, Talk and Text and Sun Cellular
  • Eliminate the need to look for reload centers when you run out of prepaid load
  • Reload your own cellphone number or your loved one through LoadMeNa credits
  • Also ideal for OFWs who wish to support their family & friends in the Philippines by sending load credits to their prepaid cellphone numbers for continuous communication

Since the technological advancements today still cannot allow you to utter “Beam me up, Scotty,” major networks still provide the viable alternative: mobile communication through calls, SMS or mobile internet surfing. Keep connecting with your friends and loved ones with today’s MetroDeal: P60 for P100 worth of Load to Call, send SMS and Surf the Internet whether you’re connected to Globe, Smart, Talk and Text or Sun Cellular.



Keep your cellphone humming with life with continuous mobile communication of your preference--be it calls, SMS or by staying online with P100 worth of load for Globe, Smart, Talk and Text and Sun. Through the simple process of activating the credits you bought by following the instructions to complete the process, you can enjoy uninterrupted mobile communication.



LoadMeNa.com is an online service provider the offers a more convenient, cheaper and worry-free way for distant loved ones to support family and friends by being able to buy and send Prepaid Cellphone load as well as Gift Checks/Cards in the Philippines. The site also gives the convenience of allowing those abroad to directly pay for utility bills in the Philippines regardless of their location throughout the globe.


Please follow procedure for easy loading of your mobile phone

Step 1: Go to http://www.loadmena.com

Step 2: Fill all Required Fields beneath  where it says “Sign up here for Free”

Step 3: Agree to Terms and conditions

Step 4: Click on Sign Up

Step 5: Check your email and Follow Instructions for SMS Validation and activate your LoadMeNa account.

Step 6: Login to your LoadMeNa account using your account details. Once at the Homepage of Loadmena.com, Click on Add Contact (you can choose to put your own number as your contact to send credits to your own number )

Step 7: After creating your contact(s), select contact whose phone you want to load. (Note:  contact may contain your very own number)

Step 8:  Select Product type. Depending on your contact details, only one telco type should be available. So, if the contact created has a Globe number, the available telco choice in the Product type shall only be Globe. The same shall also apply for contacts having either a Smart or Sun number.

Step 9:  At the Amount drop down box, select P100.

Step 10:  Click on “Apply Promo Code” beside the Amount drop down box. Input the promo code received from email address: Custcare@loadmena.com or custcareloadmena@gmail.com. Click OK button. The total PHP price should be reduced to PHP0.00

Step 11: Click “SEND” button.

Step 12:  The P100 prepaid load shall be on its way to your phone. Loading usually takes less than 30 seconds.

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Enjoy Load for your Cellphone for 40% Off: P60 for P100 worth of Load to Call, send SMS and Surf the Internet for all Networks
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