P500 worth of Mouthwatering Food & Refreshing Drinks at Sky Ranch Tagaytay

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Jose Filipino Sizzling Seafood and Unlimited Wagyu Steak Sky Ranch Tagaytay
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  • Undergo an exciting journey of taste and impress your taste buds at Jose Filipino Sizzling Seafood and Unlimited Wagyu Steak with P299 for P500 worth of food and drinks
  • Jose Filipino Sizzling Seafood and Unlimited Wagyu Steak is a family-friendly restaurant that serves up revamped Filipino dishes, incorporating premium ingredients into the recipe that help elevate its taste from ordinary to extraordinary
  • Entice your palate with appetizers that will give you a good head start. Commence your exemplary meal with a handsome serving of Calamares, Prime Cut Tuna Kinilaw, or Special Buffalo Wings
  • Wake up your senses with the refreshing taste of the sea as you take a huge slurp from a comforting bowl of California Mix Seafood, Mexican Mix Seafood, and Seafood Curry
  • Crustacean lovers will surely jump off their seats as soon as they set their sights on the restaurant's crab delights which include the House Special Crab and Sizzling Crab in Coconut Cream
  • Indulge and witness the seamless marriage of Pinoy and Japanese flavors in their hot and sizzling platters of Wagyu-centered Dinuguan, Kaldereta, Kare-Kare, Mechado, and Mongo
  • Settle down for the main event and let your mouth water as you tackle the sinful yet highly addictive Alamang sa Lechon Kawali and Crispy Pata ni Jose
  • The restaurant's interior exudes of elegance and sophistication with eye-catching crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and comfy sofa sets that invite for a relaxing meal
  • Jose Filipino Sizzling Seafood and Unlimited Wagyu Steak has a convenient branch located in Sky Ranch Tagaytay
  • Bring the party in your stomach with a parade of lip-smacking Filipino favorites at Jose Filipino Sizzling Seafood and Unlimited Wagyu Steak by grabbing this MetroDeal with a 40% discount