30-Minute Emsculpt with RF Neo Body Toning at Crown Garden Spa in QC


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Crown Garden Spa
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  • Why choose Crown Garden Spa?
    • Offers a variety of massage and other beauty services that are conducted by their extensively trained therapists and staff
    • Their space exudes a tranquil ambiance to ensure a truly rewarding and relaxing experience every visit
    • Conveniently located in Quezon City
  • Why is Crown Garden Spa's Emsculpt with RF Neo body toning a must-try?
    • Uses a combination of HIFEM and RF energies to induce powerful muscle contractions that can help in building muscles and burning fats
    • A noninvasive and nonsurgical procedure which only takes 30 minutes of your time
    • One session can provide results equivalent to 5 hours of exercise, lowering fat by 30% and increasing muscle mass by 25%
    • Completely safe and requires no downtime at all
    • Can be applied to your abdomen, buttocks, arms, legs, and calves