Indulge in Eat-All-You-Can Shrimp with Unlimited Rice in Cebu

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Boiling Shrimp Hauz
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  • Delicious shrimp is like fries—you know you can't get enough with only one. Ready yourself as Boiling Shrimp Hauz fills your big appetite with eat-all-you-can shrimp and unlimited rice for P279
  • Boiling Shrimp Hauz takes your good ol' shrimp to the next level of piquancy; with various flavors and spiciness that pack a punch to choose from, every finished plate will have you asking for more
  • Roll up your sleeves and ready your hands and taste buds for an endless devouring of mouthwatering, freshly cooked shrimp that you can enjoy in Western Cajun, Garlic Butter, Indian Curry, and Singaporean Chili flavors
  • Add a kick of spice and your seafood feast will be nice; whether you want your shrimp non-spicy, mild, or mouth-numbing, feel free to make it the hottest or simplest as you please
  • Balance out the savoriness and tang of shrimp by pairing it with the delicate texture and taste of rice
  • Boiling Shrimp Hauz is conveniently located in Cebu
  • Satisfy your shrimp cravings without limits when you take advantage of today's MetroDeal