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Your Cravings into Savings: MetroDealiver it

Food delivery is virtually a lifesaver nowadays and MetroDealivery just got a fabulous upgrade! Getting your favorite deals right at your doorstep is now easier more than ever!  

Here’s how:

1. Open the MetroDeal app on your phone and access MetroDealivery. Choose your location (or the recipient’s location if you want to give it as a gift).

2. Select the deal you like to purchase and read the details. Satisfied? Then, click “Buy Now!”

3. Click “MetroDealivery” within 5.0 KM.

Side note: you may also choose “Take Out” if you’d rather drop by to pick up the order yourself or “Delivery (Book Yourself)” if you prefer booking it through another service provider. You only need to call the merchant to coordinate the schedule for these choices.

4. Select the deal option you wish to purchase if the deal has multiple choices.

5. Provide your delivery details. Search your delivery address from the list of suggested locations and pin your exact location in the map.

Key in your name (or recipient’s name, if you won’t receive the order) and mobile number.

You may also type in your complete, more detailed information in the “Address Details” field to make it easier for the rider to find your exact location. This also includes specific instructions or landmarks in the “Notes to Rider” field.

This step gets easier on your next order as you can just select from your “Saved Addresses” so there’s no need to key in everything over and over.

6. Select Delivery Date and Time. Choose from the available time and date for your delivery.

7. Select other options that your deal may require such as number of vouchers you wish to purchase and specific flavors required for the deal.

8. Review the summary of your order, check out with your payment details, and confirm your purchase.            

Once your purchase is finalized and confirmed, the merchant will be alerted. Upon receiving your order, the merchant will confirm when they accommodate your order.

9. Check back on the status of your order on the Tracking Screen from your MetroDeal account.

10.  Now, sit back and relax while waiting for your order to be delivered right at your doorstep.

Now, go ahead. Take your pick among our MetroDealivery deals that would take your fancy and give it a go! The best part is: your first delivery fee is on us! Yes, it’s for FREE!

Do you have any requests on deals you’d like to see on MetroDealivery? Let us know in the Comments section. We’d love to hear from you!

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