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MetroDealivery: Onward with the New Normal

There’s no need to wait until the quarantine is over to enjoy the food deals you love. The new MetroDealivery showcases food and beverage deals available for takeaway or delivery during quarantine.


Takeaway option is now available for some of our dining deals so you can already start redeeming your vouchers right away. Here’s how it works:


Delivery via Merchant

Certain merchants have their own delivery service such as Big Guys Pizza with additional fees which will be paid directly to the merchant. Follow the following steps:


Third Party Delivery

Delivery may also be arranged via third party delivery services such as Lala Move, Food Panda, or Grab Express. The process is the same as with Takeaway but you have to inform the merchant that the voucher will be claimed via your selected delivery service. You have to update the merchant if there’s any changes on your reservations such as the delivery service that will handle the pick up or if there’s any delay.

Do Not Forget the Fine Print

Make sure to read the deal’s Fine Print and ask the merchant if you have any question regarding delivery or pick-up arrangement. Unless specifically stated in the Fine Print that customers must facilitate the order pick-up, some merchants are quite willing to arrange the delivery for you and you only have to pay the fee upon receiving your order so try to ask when you call for your reservations.  

Let’s embrace the new normal way of life while waiting for this pandemic to be over. What matters is that we learn to adapt and cope. For now, let’s celebrate life’s little victories like not having to wait till the quarantine is over for you to enjoy great meals. So, go ahead, dig in!

Do you have favorite restaurants you want to be featured on MetroDealivery? Tell us in the comment section!

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    • Hi, just click on the deal you’re interested in and you’ll see the merchant’s details on the right side of the deal if you’re viewing it on a desktop. For mobile, just click on View Location and you’ll find the phone icon to make a call.

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