Diamond Gloss Car Paint Protection & More in Makati, QC, Pasig, & More

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  • Restore your car's luxurious look with this incredible offer from Ziebart and MetroDeal
  • Since 1959, Ziebart International, headquartered in Troy, Michigan, U.S.A., leads in vehicle appearance and protection services worldwide
  • Ziebart Philippines, one of its 400 branches in 30 countries, has been one of the pioneers in rust and paint protection and detailing services since 1973
  • Enjoy more years of driving pleasure with any of these options (for vehicle classification guides, refer to the photos above):
    • Ziebart Diamond Gloss Paint Protection for small-sized vehicles for P3699 instead of P7398
    • Ziebart Diamond Gloss Paint Protection for medium-sized vehicles for P4799 instead of P9598
    • Ziebart Diamond Gloss Paint Protection for large-sized vehicles for P7199 instead of P14398
  • Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection is a high performance, resin-based paint coating that naturally adheres to the paint surface and cures to a hard film
  • Developed in the aerospace and injection mold industries, Ziebart Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection protects the vehicle paint from fading, discoloration, loss of gloss, acid rain, and other industrial pollutants
  • Its hard film coating won't wash off, peel, or crack, and its slippage qualities drive off bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, and road tar
  • You won't be waxing your car again as Ziebart Diamond Gloss® is the only vehicle paint protection available with a written lifetime guarantee against loss of gloss and environmental paint damage, assuring its customers its high quality and durability
  • New cars are issued annual renewable lifetime guarantees; depending on their condition, used cars are eligible for a guarantee of up to 7 years
  • Ziebart tops this deal with a 30% discount on Ziebart® Complete Rust Protection services also covered by their warranty program
  • Ziebart Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection service ranges from 3 to 5 working hours, but you can enjoy this glossy shine for years to come
  • Each paint protection service comes with a free exterior detailing and interior vacuuming services
  • Grab this exclusive MetroDeal and keep your car's showroom shine, thanks to Ziebart's state-of-the-art service