Satisfy Your Cravings with Two Sets of 12-Piece Takoyaki Overload in Tagaytay

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TakoMagi Takoyaki + Ramen
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  • If you think you've already tasted the best takoyaki in town, TakoMagi Takoyaki + Ramen will make you think otherwise as their two sets of 12-piece takoyaki overload invade your bellies for P359
  • Specializing in Japanese street food, TakoMagi aims to make your dining experience as authentic as possible by bringing the signature flavors of Tokyo and Osaka down to your plate, sticking with tradition in the preparation of each dish
  • Ready your chopsticks and savor their takoyaki overload that's packed with baby octopus tentacles and veggies, then drizzled with Japanese mayo and sprinkled with loads of bonito flakes⁠—truly, a far cry from the ordinary version that uses squid 
  • Prep yourself up for a serving of epic proportions as these balls of glory are 30% bigger than any regular takoyaki⁠, so you'll not be left asking for more
  • TakoMagi Takoyaki + Ramen is conveniently located in Tagaytay City
  • Whether you're in the mood to share or not, grab your fix of takoyaki for the day minus the expensive tab with the advantage of this MetroDeal at 40% off