P299 for P500 worth of Authentic Japanese Food & Drinks at Shinjuku Ramen House in Greenhills

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  • Discover the gastronomic wonders of Japanese cuisine—no passport needed. For the first time ever in MetroDeal, Shinjuku Ramen House will take you to a special Japanese food trip that won't come at a cost with P299 for P500 worth of authentic Japanese food and drinks
  • Shinjuku Ramen House takes pride in its well-curated selection of dishes that showcase the real flavors and uniqueness of Japanese cuisine, making the restaurant loved by many locals and even the Japanese tourists themselves
  • Slurp the goodness of the restaurant's array of different ramens. One of the no-fail variants is the classic shoyu—its mellow harmony of seasoned pork, egg, veggies, nori, and menma (fermented bamboo shoots) drenched in light soy sauce-based broth will always delight one's taste buds
  • Explore more of Japanese noodles with the choices of udon and fried noodles. Try out their special nabeyaki that's made of thick white udon noodles with veggies, chicken, egg, shrimps, and crabstick tempura, served in a hot pot
  • Immersing yourself in Japanese cuisine isn't complete without having your own warm plate of curry rice. Fill yourself with the savory sauces of curry rice in shrimp, pork, chicken, or beef
  • Sample their freshly-cooked tempura, gyoza, and chicken karaage that ooze with juiciness and flavor in every bite
  • Sushi tops the list of must-try Japanese food, so enjoy tasting every kind of sushi creation at the restaurant such as the nigiri salmon, nigiri ebi or shrimp, maguro (tuna) sashimi, california maki, and a whole lot more
  • If you want something healthier, you'll love their versions of salads and soups. Kani salad will let you enjoy the refreshing jumble of vegetables, corn, mango, and crabsticks drizzled with mayo, while the good ol' miso soup will have you tipping the bowl to your mouth until the last drop
  • End your Japanese foodventure on a sweet note with their collection of desserts including the delectable green tea ice cream and coffee jelly; and quench your thirst with a cold glass of slush iced tea, coffee, and fruit shakes
  • Grab this oishi treat at Shinjuku Ramen House's Greenhills branch
  • Get your chopsticks clicking and be ready to dig into delicious Japanese food for less when you grab this MetroDeal at 40% off