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40% Off: P299 for P500 worth of Meat Pies, Pastries & More at Pie Face Taguig

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P500 40% P201


  • Get P500 worth of delicious, fresh oven-baked pies and luscious drinks at Pie Face for P299
  • Indulge in the signature recipes of tender 100% Aussie beef steak chunks, ground beef, or chicken cuts in flavorsome gravy with vegetables and seasoning
  • Taste the smoky bacon and tasty melt-in-your-mouth cheese rich in gravy
  • Bite into the short crust pastry base filled with a delicious mixture of tasty cheese and savory quiche filling made from milk, fresh cream, and eggs
  • Try the mini pies that are equally delicious as regular pies and are mixed with chunky meat and vegetables and a dash of fresh cream and sauce
  • The sausage rolls are made with 100% Aussie beef or lamb, seasoned well with herbs and spices, filled with vegetables, and encased in flaky puff pastry
  • Pastries have been hand rolled, folded, or twisted and filled with decadent cream or cheese
  • Croissants are baked fresh as is, or dipped in syrup then dusted with icing sugar
  • Mini cakes and slices, and cookies are all made with fresh ingredients and baked in-store to perfection
  • Hearty sandwiches are made with slices of juicy 100% Aussie roast beef, chicken slices, Virginia ham, baked eggs, fresh slices of tomato, seasoned with herbs and spices, in square buns
  • Delight in luscious latte, cappucino, flat white espresso, cafe mocha, caramel macchiato, espresso americano, frappe, hot chocolate, iced tea, and Australian juices
  • Pie Face is located at McKinley Hill, Taguig

When a man is satisfied with his meal, it puts a huge smile on his face. However, there is a place where the food gives you that ravishing smile even before it reaches and melts in your mouth. Grab today's MetroDeal to get a taste of oven-baked pies with a different, Aussie-kind of twist: P299 for P500 worth of handcrafted oven fresh meat pies, pastries, and luscious drinks at Pie Face McKinley Hill.





The humble meat pie has been an Aussie favourite for many years, which is why Pie Face is proud to be an iconic Australian pie brand that came to life in 2003. The idea of using only premium ingredients that are combined with traditional light, French-style flaky puff pastry, is what makes Pie Face's pies delicious. Now in 5 countries, its much loved meat pie made with quality fillings creates a smile on the faces of all pie lovers.






Pie Face's menu includes good, wholesome food that are made from scratch in their kitchen using only premium quality ingredients. The pies remain fresh in the store throughout the day, so you can really taste how deliciously different they are from other meat pie brands. Pie Face caters to everyone’s needs, so try out their delicious pies, sausage rolls, cakes, quiche, and soups. If you have a sweet tooth, try the sweet pies, cakes, and pastries. Also, don’t forget the award-winning and uniquely blended Di Bella coffee, the perfect complement to a meaty pie.







The Pie Face believes that nothing tastes better than its handcrafted oven fresh pies and sausage rolls. Regular customers have said over and over again that they appreciate the quality. Pie Face is proud of the good wholesome quality and craftmanship of the food it makes and remains committed to operating its own central kitchen.





Take advantage of today's MetroDeal and enjoy savory meat pies at a fraction of the cost.




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Pie Face

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Pie Face
40% Off: P299 for P500 worth of Meat Pies, Pastries & More at Pie Face Taguig
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