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Online English Language Proficiency Courses with Certificate

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  • Improve your English communication and written skills to achieve career growth with today's MetroDeal: Online English language proficiency courses by Oxford Language Institute starting at P599
  • Oxford Language Institute's main goal is to help you achieve English skills improvements and obtain an international language certificate. The institute has user-friendly and modern learning system, wide theoretical materials, and multifunctional courses
  • Choose from one of these amazing options:
    • 12-month unlimited online English language proficiency course for P599 instead of P26056
    • 24-month unlimited online English language proficiency course for P799 instead for P36497
    • 36-month unlimited online English language proficiency course for P999 instead of P67829
    • 60-month unlimited online English language proficiency course for P1199 instead of P104376
  • Their professors and program developers have created the Oxford Natural Immersion Technique, an effective way to master the English language 
  • Courses consist of 6 levels: basic, elementary, pre-intermediate, lower intermediate, intermediate, and higher intermediate
  • The course includes a free test to evaluate your level: http://www.oxford-institute.biz/SkillsLevelTest.aspx?TaskID=10000 
  • Upon finishing the course, the students will receive an international language certificate which is recognized by some of the top international corporations such as BP, Volkswagen, Samsung, Toyota, Phillips, General Motors, LG, Allianz, Statoil, AXA, Hewlett-Packard, Fiat, Tesco, and IBM
  • ​Become a fluent English speaker by taking advantage of today's MetroDeal

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Oxford Language Institute

Horsford's Business Centre PO Box 853 Suites 5 & 6 Charlestown, West Indies Saint-Christophe & Nevis


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