Traditional, Basic, Special, or 24K Royal Premium Facial in Makati

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Odrey Nail and Skin Spa
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  • Truth be told, your face is exposed all day long from pollutants that may affect the condition of your skin. Keep yourself from looking haggard and maintain a healthy glow through Odrey Nail and Skin Spa's facial treatments starting at P199—their first offering on MetroDeal
  • Odrey Nail and Skin Spa is a Korean beauty center that provides utmost head-to-toe rejuvenation to their patrons, offering the best in facial and nail care, waxing, and other services
  • Choose from these options:
    • Option 1: 40-minute traditional facial for P199 instead of P500
      • Includes cleansing, facial massage, use of steamer and vacuum, blackheads/whiteheads removal, laser, and application of sheet mask
    • Option 2: 60-minute basic facial for P499 instead of P1000
      • Includes cleansing, facial and back massage, use of steamer and vacuum, blackheads/whiteheads removal, laser, and application of modeling mask
    • Option 3: 90-minute special facial for P799 instead of P1500
      • Includes cleansing, facial and back massage, use of steamer and vacuum, blackheads/whiteheads removal, laser, use of LG Pra.L set machine with ampoules, and application of LED mask
    • Option 4: 24K royal premium facial for P999 instead of P4500
      • Includes the application of royal moisture soothing mask and ampoules
  • Cleansing is a vital step because aside from removing impurities, it also allows the skin to breathe so it can fully absorb the benefits of the treatments to follow
  • The facial massage promotes blood circulation and encourages the production of collagen which is essential in keeping the skin supple and elastic—pair with back massage and you're all set for a very relaxing session
  • The use of steamer and vacuum will help open up the pores, making it easier to get rid of all the dirt, oil, as well as those pesky blackheads and whiteheads that lurk in every corner of your face
  • Lasers are one of the latest innovations that contribute greatly in improving the appearance of the skin. Utilizing the powers of highly concentrated light beams, it can easily reduce wrinkles, acne scars, and blemishes
  • If you're aiming for that youthful glow, then the LG Pra.L machine with ampoules will give you just that as it delivers active ingredients deep into the skin, working its way from the inside out to deliver you stunning results
  • Aside from hydration, masks refine your pores, giving you an overall better complexion; however, if you want the complete package, then opt for their royal moisture soothing mask that's packed with 24K gold, propolis, and royal jelly, known for their anti-aging properties
  • Odrey Nail and Skin Spa is conveniently located in Makati City
  • Take your skincare game to the next level and revel in flawless-looking face with the advantage of today's MetroDeal at 60% off