6-Piece Authentic Takoyaki with Sadoubu Japanese Tea at SM Mall of Asia

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Kyotako Premium Japanese Takoyaki
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  • There's no need to fly to Osaka to taste the real-deal takoyaki as Kyotako starts the ball rolling in satisfying your cravings with 6-piece authentic takoyaki and a serving of Sadoubu Japanese Tea on the side for P189 instead of P320 
  • Amidst the rise of different takoyaki stalls around the metro, Kyotako remains head and shoulders above the competition with their no-frills, authentic Kansai-style takoyaki that are made from a mix of local and international ingredients of utmost quality
  • Enjoy 6 pieces of Kyotako's creamy and tasty takoyaki in any of the following flavors:
    • Classic - big-sized signature takoyaki that's known for its softness and chewy tastiness of diced octopus inside
    • Chili - signature takoyaki that highlights its coarsely and finely ground chili and hot sauce, finished with katsuobushi flakes and Kewpie mayo 
    • Negi - signature takoyaki complemented with Kewpie mayo and chopped spring onions
    • Mentaiko - signature takoyaki drizzled with Kyotako original sauce and mentaiko mayo, then topped with negi, nori, and sesame seeds
    • Butter Mentai Mayo - the buttered version of Mentaiko; with unsalted butter that brings out its savoriness to the maximum
    • Crispy Garlic - signature takoyaki drizzled with sesame oil-based mayo, then topped with crispy garlic chips and negi
    • Chili Garlic Mayo signature takoyaki in the well-loved spicy, garlicky, and mellow goodness, with citrusy undertone of lemon
    • Spicy Crispy Garlic - signature takoyaki dashed with sesame oil-based mayo, then topped with crispy garlic chips and negi
    • Spicy Black Garlic Miso - signature takoyaki with an extraordinary kick of flavor with the black garlic oil, spicy miso paste, and Kewpie mayo combo 
    • Wasabi - signature takoyaki spiced up with Kyotako original wasabi mayo, then sprinkled with a pinch of katsuobushi and nori
    • Okonomiyaki - the Japanese favorite okonomiyaki in ball form enclosing delicious grilled bacon slices and cabbages 
  • Your savory snack will be paired with the Sadoubu Japanese Tea which comes in delicious latte variants: Green Tea, Matcha, Brown Rice with Green Tea, and Roasted Green Tea
  • Redeem this scrumptious deal at Kyotako Premium Japanese Takoyaki at SM Mall of Asia
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