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Online English Learning Courses at Cambridge Academy starting at P855 instead of P15655

P855 SAVE 95 %
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  • Talk just like a native English speaker with online English learning courses at the prestigious Cambridge Academy
  • Cambridge Academy's online English learning courses are an excellent preparation for language examinations such as TOEFL, KET, PET, FCE, and IELTS 
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with any of these options:
    • 6 months of online English learning courses for P855 instead of P15655
    • 12 months of online English learning courses for P1305 instead of P26056
    • 18 months of online English learning courses for P1755 instead of P36497
    • 36 months of online English learning courses for P2205 instead of P67829
    • 60 months of online English learning courses for P3105 instead of P104376
  • Pass up to 6 course levels, with each level lasting for 6 months
  • The course includes a free test to evaluate your level: http://www.academy-cambridge.org/SkillsLevelTest.aspx?TaskID=10000
  • All of the courses aim to develop your oral and written skills 
  • The courses include simulations, articles and dialogues, assessment tests, and theoretical exercises (letters, emails, faxes, etc.) 
  • To track your improvement, the course facilitator will also provide progress reports

The Fine Print


Dubbed as the "universal language," English has indeed connected people of different nationalities in more ways than one. Today's MetroDeal helps you effectively speak the language: Online English learning courses at Cambridge Academy starting at P855.


One of the prestigious English schools in the United Kingdom, Cambridge Academy aims to nurture its students' communication skills. The academy's method is called the Cambridge Communicative Approach (CCA). CCA is a modernized version of the communicative approach, which mainly focuses on teaching the practical side of the English language, in a manner that native English speakers use. Therefore, the lessons would be more experiential instead of scholarly, making each lesson even more interesting.


CCA includes dialogues in English, as well as authentic audio materials recorded by teachers from Great Britain. The course also includes language exercises, in which communicating efficiently is more important than absolute grammatical-lexical correctness. The course lets you experience what it's like to be a native English speaker, because – as the saying goes – experience is the best teacher. 



Speak your way to flawless English, and you'll soon find countless opportunities knocking at your door. Grab this MetroDeal now and save 95%.

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Kaleidoscope Global Online English School

Suites 5 & 6 Horsford's Business Centre, PO Box 853, Long Point Road, Charlestown, West Indies, Saint-Christophe & Nevis

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