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Sumptuous Japanese Food Trip: P1000 worth of Superbly Authentic Japanese Cuisine & Drinks at Izakaya Den for P575

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P1000 43% P425


  • Izakaya Den serves a whopping 25 kinds of sashimi and sushi
  • Everything is served fresh and in generous portions
  • You may also choose from a very wide selection of traditional Japanese stewed, fried and pan-fried dishes
  • Izakaya Den also serves global cuisine such as steaks and barbeque
  • Enjoy desserts and drinks including Oolong Tea, coffee, fresh juices and luscious shakes
  • Great value with truly high-quality food, wonderful ambiance and efficient service


Nowhere in history have we had such epicurean adventures of the kind we see today, when starkly authentic Asian cuisine can share the same menu as Hamburger Steak. Imagination rules apparently, and palates are seldom bored if you just know where to look. Go on a Japanese food trip and then some with today’s MetroDeal: Enjoy P1000 worth of Superbly Authentic Traditional Japanese Cuisine & Drinks at Izakaya Den for P575.



First things first: every other corner of Japan has an izakaya. They’re not franchises. “Izakaya” is Japanese for “sake house with small plates”, so an izakaya are like the steakhouses of the US or the gastro pubs in the UK. It’s where the Japanese go to chill at lunch or after a grinding day at work.



The Philippines’ Izakaya Den in Adriatico, Ermita, stays true to the sake houses in Japan, but added a slight twist of having menu choices that are unmistakably Western-infused such as steaks and shakes. They also have 25 kinds of barbeque with names that will make you think they’re Japanese-inspired rather than the other way around: Enoki Bacon, Aspara Nikumaki, Tori Liver, and 22 others.



Exhilarating number but it gets more astounding. Izakaya Den serves more than twenty kinds of sashimi and sushi. For sashimi, there’s Rokuten Mori, Maguro Sashimi, Aji Tataki, Basashi and Ika Soumen—mentioning just five but already all kinds of seafood are covered from fish to shrimps to squid. Sushi choices include Sushi Moriawase-Matsu, Spicy Salmon Roll and California Maki. Everything is served fresh, and definitely the kind of ingenious fare sophisticated foodies crave: dining experiences that take you places.

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Izakaya Den Japanese Restaurant

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Izakaya Den Japanese Restaurant
Sumptuous Japanese Food Trip: P1000 worth of Superbly Authentic Japanese Cuisine & Drinks at Izakaya Den for P575
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