P500 worth of Flavorful Food & Drinks at Ever Gotesco Mall QC

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IMÀ Kitchen
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  • Have a trip down memory lane and remember every lingering flavor of your best-loved chucks as IMÀ Kitchen brings you a delectable treat: P299 for P500 worth of flavorful food and drinks
  • Situated in Ever Gotesco Mall Commonwealth, Quezon City, IMÀ Kitchen offers a novel take on a wide selection of Filipino dishes to give you some trendy flavor upgrades to your local favorite eats
  • Set your appetite's mood and start with their appetizers such as the Aligue Chicharong Bulaklak, Salted Egg Crispy Chicken Skin, Tokwa't Baboy, and the Street Food Platter
  • Let your taste buds rejoice in some sizzling fest and gorge on the resto's Sizzling Chicken Inasal Sisig, Sizzling Kansi, Sizzling Beef Salpicao, and Sizzling Bangus Sisig for a red-hot foodie experience
  • Enjoy the savory touch in the Filipinos' staple food and pair your viands with Salted Egg Rice with Tinapa Flakes, Aligue Rice, U-Belt Fried Rice, or the classic Garlic and Butter Rice
  • Have your fill of Pinoy vegetable dishes and broth-based soups such as Suha at Labanos Ensalada, Green Papaya and Mango Ensalada, Sinigang na Baka sa Ube at Pakwan, Sinigang na Isda sa Miso at Guyabano, Pinakbet, Lumpiang Shanghai, and the tangy Sinigang na Baboy and Batangas Bulalo
  • Sink your teeth into the meatiest meals in the house. Plunge your spoon and fork into the juicy Patis Glazed Fried Chicken, Inihaw na Sinigang na Manok, Cebu Lechon, and their Street Skewers, such as Kwek-Kwek and the likes
  • Sample their Daing na Bangus, Inihaw na Tilapia, Crispy Garlic Hito, and Fried Salmon-Basil Lumpia—your seafood cravings will be appeased in no time
  • Tickle your sweet tooth with heartwarming desserts. Grilled Piaya Ice Cream Sandwich, Ube-Bibingka Cinnamon Roll, Buko Pandan, Banana-Rum Turon, and Leche Flan are the perfect sweets to make your heart full
  • Finish off your repast with thirst-quenching drinks like homemade iced teas, nature coolers, sodas, shakes or floats, hot drinks, and alcoholic beverages that are available on their menu
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