Fat Freeze Sculpting Treatment at Euodia Wellness & Beauty Center in QC


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Euodia Wellness and Beauty Center
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  • Why choose Euodia Wellness and Beauty Center?
    • They're known for their quality slimming and massage services
    • They make sure that all of their clients receive personalized treatments to address their beauty woes and body image issues
    • Conveniently located in Project 2, Quezon City
  • Why is Euodia Wellness and Beauty Center's fat freeze sculpting treatment a must-try?
    • The fat freeze sculpting treatment uses cold temperature to break down fat deposits in certain areas of the body like the chin, arms, legs, thighs, abdomen, and back
    • Also known as cryolipolysis, it targets fat cells which are completely susceptible to the effects of the cold
    • It effectively reduces 15% to 30% of the body’s subcutaneous fat per session and does not require any downtime at all
    • Performed in over 450000 procedures worldwide; completely safe and does not affect the skin or other types of cells