Ultra V-Lift in Alabang, QC, Cebu & More - Get Rid of Aging Problems

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Eslendre Body Sculpting and Slimming Center
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  • Achieve the most sought-after V-shaped face with an Ultra V-Lift procedure at Eslendre Body Sculpting and Slimming Center for P9999 instead of P25000
  • Eslendre Body Sculpting and Slimming Center's experienced team offers a personal bespoke service, ensuring that you are comfortable during the treatment and that you will get the exact results you want
  • Performed by over 200 clinics in Korea and other parts of Asia, V-Lift is an anti-wrinkle facelift and a noninvasive skin tightening procedure 
  • Instead of knives, ultra V-lift uses fine threads called polydioxanone (PDO) that are inserted into the targeted areas, stimulating skin tissue to create fibroblasts and collagen resulting in a tightening effect from the inside out
  • Eslendre Body Sculpting and Slimming Center has convenient locations in and out of the metro
  • Flaunt a natural, young-looking face with today's modern technique at Eslendre Body Sculpting and Slimming Center. Grab this exclusive offer and save 60%