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ENEB - European Business School of Barcelona
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  • If you have this urge to master your craft but don't have the time to attend the university, fret not, as ENEB will provide you the education you deserve through their online accredited postgraduate programs for P8599 instead of P152000
  • Committed to quality and excellence, ENEB - European Business School of Barcelona specializes in offering master's and postgraduate programs to further your career as a professional
  • Choose from any of these programs:
    • Postgraduate in Advertising and Public Relations
    • Postgraduate in Advertising, Marketing, and SM
    • Postgraduate in Coaching, NLP, and Team Leadership
    • Postgraduate in Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Postgraduate in Financial Management and Accounting
    • Postgraduate in Human Resources
    • Postgraduate in Logistics and Supply Chain
    • Postgraduate in Management, EI, and Coaching
    • Postgraduate in Personnel Selection, Training, and POH
    • Postgraduate in Project Management
  • Delve deeper into the world of advertising and gain in-depth knowledge about media and marketing strategies through the Postgraduate in Advertising and Public Relations
  • Familiarize yourself with the psychology of consumers and know the appropriate tools to attract them through the Postgraduate in Advertising, Marketing, and SM
  • Improve your people management skills and get more insights regarding the coaching process and methodology by enrolling yourself to the Postgraduate in Coaching, NLP, and Team Leadership
  • Learn how to integrate ethics, sustainability, and social and environmental responsibility to various business models and organizations with the Postgraduate in Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Hone your technical and managerial skills, and discover how to properly lead the finance department of a company through the Postgraduate in Financial Management and Accounting
  • Have a full understanding of the human capital and learn advanced techniques on personnel selection and evaluation with the help of the Postgraduate in Human Resources
  • Master the operations and logistics process, and have a grasp of the necessary tools to increase the competitiveness of a company through the Postgraduate in Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Know how to facilitate work and social relations better, and discover how you can utilize emotional intelligence in managing teams by trying out the Postgraduate in Management, EI, and Coaching
  • Be knowledgeable of the regulations and responsibilities, as well as rights and obligations of professional hierarchies through the Postgraduate in Personnel Selection, Training, and POH
  • Develop skills and techniques for managing human and material resources with the help of the Postgraduate in Project Management
  • There are available tutoring sessions from Mondays to Sundays to ensure a better understanding of the course material
  • This package is inclusive of access to the virtual campus—where you can process your academic transcript and issuance of diploma, and gain access to the virtual library, multimedia resources where you can stream lessons and Master classes, job listing, networking room at ENEB community, and the entire syllabus of your chosen program
  • They also offer a Spanish for Business Program Certificate that is free of charge and non-compulsary, which can be useful in boosting your employability
  • You are eligible for national and international internships as well
  • Upon completion of the program, ENEB will issue two university certified diplomas:
    • Postgraduate diploma
    • Specialization in Coaching and NLP diploma
  • Expand your knowledge on your chosen field and become a top prospect of companies here and abroad by nabbing this MetroDeal at 94% off