P500 worth of Japanese Food & Drinks at Vista Mall Molino, Paranaque & Davao

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Bless Okiniiri Japanese Restaurant
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  • Find yourself surrounded with gastronomical delights as Bless Okiniiri Japanese Restaurant offers you a smashing treat: P299 for P500 worth of Japanese food and drinks
  • Slowly taking over different corners of the country, Bless Okiniiri Japanese Restaurant continues to leave a mark in people's tastes as they serve authentic Japanese favorites that bring a sense of comfort and satisfaction with each bite
  • Warming your appetite is a good way to start your food adventure so why don't you begin it by having a sample of their Miso, Tamago, Asari, Tonjiru, or Wakame soup
  • Choose from their wide array of ramen noodles—it can be hot, cold, or stir-fried. Ready your forks and enjoy Negi Miso Ramen, Mapo Tofu Ramen, Gyu Ramen, Zaru Soba, Hiyashi Chuka, Yakisoba, Yakiudo, and more; to make it flavorful, you can opt for add-ons such as kimuchi, chili paste, negi, or moyashi
  • You can also order their Tori Chahan, Kani Chahan, Gyu Chahan, and Seafood Chahan for a seamless enjoyment of fried rice
  • The resto's Tofu Steki, Tonkatsu Steki, Ribs Steki, Salmon Steki, Gyu Steki Special, and Ebi Butter Steki will deliver a different kind of grilled flavor that will satisfy even your most discerning palate
  • Of course, the fan favorites such as maki rolls, sushi sets, and tempura shouldn't be missed and if you want a lighter meal, Otoshi and Sarada platters are up for grabs
  • Experience the elements of Japan with their DonburiSakanaTeppanyaki, and Kare meals—heavenly cooked to bless your taste buds with rich and savory flavors
  • If you're having a hard time deciding on what to eat, go for their healthy Obentou and Teishoku set meals such as Gyoza Bentou, Chicken Karaage, Mix Furai Bentou, Salmon Teriyaki, and more
  • Relish the brimming sweetness of Red Velvet Cheese Cupcake, Banana Walnut Cupcake, and Truffles to end your gratifying dining experience
  • Refresh as you quench your thirst with their juices, sodas, fruit and milk shakes, and a good cup of tea or coffee
  • Bless Okiniiri Japanese Restaurant has branches in Parañaque, Davao, and Vista Mall Molino
  • Explore culinary artistry and reward your taste buds by taking advantage of this MetroDeal today