Release Toxins from Your Body with an Ionized Purifying Detox in QC

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Acero Holistic Wellness Center
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  • When you're overloaded with toxins, it shows through your skin—dull, sallow, and blemished. Acero Holistic Wellness Center joins MetroDeal for the first time to help you rejuvenate your glow from within with an ionized purifying detox treatment for P249 instead of P600
  • Acero Holistic Wellness Center combines the power of nature and years of experience to provide only the safest and effective services that improve your overall health and well-being 
  • Through hydrotherapy using their ionized purifying detoxifier apparatus, your body will be free from toxin built-up, revealing your radiance and healthy appearance
  • The processes of this treatment can work wonders in regulating your blood sugar, blood lipids, and blood pressure. It also relieves gout and rheumatism
  • Ionized purifying detox utilizes the most advanced detox technology which encourages your body's natural ability to repair itself without adverse side effects
  • Feel refreshed as this detox releases negative ions into your body throughout the treatment. The said ions regulate your endocrine system and body pH as well as balance your "Yin" and "Yang ", which is crucial in maintaining the normal functions of your major systems
  • Acero Holistic Wellness Center is conveniently located in Quezon City
  • Deeply cleanse your skin and body to feel and look good. Grab this MetroDeal now to try it for less today