Entrance Pass to 3 Exhibits at Okada Manila

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A Glass of the Sea
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  • For the first time on MetroDeal, delve into the world of Science and unravel the mysteries of the unknown with today's exclusive offer from A Glass of the Sea: Entrance pass to 3 exhibits for P449 instead of P599
  • If you're a Science geek way back in high school, then A Glass of the Sea is the perfect refresher course as it will revive your thirst for knowledge and discovery through their extraordinary exhibits that tackle different facets of life
  • The underwater world is indeed full of secrets and you're about to dive deeper into its magnificent realm at the A Glass of the Sea exhibit
    • Take a sneak peek at the rich marine biodiversity of the Philippines by watching underwater footages taken by the California Academy of Sciences at the Coral Triangle Area
    • Aside from Nemo, have a meet and greet session with all kinds of fauna, along with the intriguing new species that will certainly pique your wildest interest
    • Caring for the ocean is a must and there are tons of ways on how you can contribute to this cause. Learn more about them in a fun way through their video games, namely Garbage Catch, Net Escape, and Sustainable Food Market
    • A creative visual presentation awaits you at the Shadow Art exhibit that portrays the effects of urban pollution through plastic sculptures
  • Death is inevitable but we, humans, do everything just to be able to live a longer life. Dig deeper into this controversial topic of seeking for the elixir of life at the Forever Lab exhibit
    • Nothing lasts forever⁠—but we all demand for an extension. Familiarize yourself with the cultural practices and beliefs involving longevity from various regions of the world, including China and the Philippines
    • There are several factors that contribute to a longer lifespan. Take some notes and discover how right food portions, exercise, work lifestyle, and the environment can be keys to near immortality
    • They say that laughter is the best medicine, so make sure to visit the Laugh/Aging Booth to know the benefits of laughter to your health
    • It's rare for someone to live past 100 years old⁠—or more. Unlock the secrets of how a 148-year old would likely spend his/her years at the Snapshots for the Future
  • Teenage years are probably the most complicated period of our lives. Make your way inside a teenager's brain and be fascinated as to how each part is likened to a corner of the house at the Teenage Brain: Wiring in Progress exhibit
    • Make your first stop at the Living Room for a quick introduction of the still-developing teenage brain, then head to the Bedroom (Limbic System) for an intimate encounter and learn how this primitive part drives the behavior of teenagers
    • Proceed to the Kitchen/Dining Room (Prefrontal Cortex) where decisions are usually made and chill by the Yard to discuss how peers influence a teenager's decision
    • Conclude the tour at the Garage where self-expression and identity are further explored
  • A Glass of the Sea can be found at the Crystal Corridor of Okada Manila
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