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Photo: Manila Bay Yacht Cruise

Unique Dating Ideas for Unforgettable Moments

If you really want a truly memorable date, a bit of planning would go a long way. Here are some ideal places and activities to consider to make for a uniquely romantic date.

Tipsy Tales’ Lambana

Step into the world of Lambana where you’d have a taste of the so-called first fully immersive experience on the stories of old. Talk about real-life RPG as you get up close and personal with creatures from Filipino folklore. Instead of the usual movie or theater, treat your date to this singular experience that you’ll both remember & most likely, talk about for years. Shop smart with this offer and get your tickets at 50% off!   

Tipsy Tales’ Lambana: An immersive experience

Dinner by the Bay with Yacht Cruise

This may not be considered as unique in more ways than one, but it’s still not as common as you’d like. Take your romantic dinner up a notch with a fascinating yacht cruise with the Manila skyline as your backdrop. Manila Bay Yacht Cruises is making this romantic experience just a tad achievable with 93% off exclusive offer you shouldn’t miss. You can even welcome 2020 with their New Year’s Eve Yacht Cruise at 90% off.

Manila Bay Yacht Cruises

Watch vlogger Marga Travino share her Manila Bay Yacht Cruises experience

G-Max Reverse Bungy

Should you be in Boracay and you need something to add more to the usual romantic sunset dinner, you can go for G-Max Reverse Bungy experience with your date. If you & your date happen to be adrenaline junkies, then this is just right up your alley. You can even get access to this incredible experience at 33% off so grab this deal before time runs out.

G-Max Reverse Bungy Boracay

The Dessert Museum

What could be sweeter than a swift visit to The Dessert Museum? Go right ahead and load up on the sweetness sans the threat of toothache. This super Instagram-friendly exhibit will guarantee some wonder-filled moments. You just need to ensure your camera is always at a ready to capture them. Enjoy 38% savings with their exclusive offer and plan your sweet date now!

The Dessert Museum

Stack up on wonderful memories that would build the foundation of your relationship.

Do you have unique dating ideas? Go right ahead and share them at the comment section!

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