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Top MetroDealivery Deals

Top MetroDealivery Deals of the Week

The COVID19 threat still exists so we’re still safer at home and away from the crowd. It is this need that we recognized when we launched MetroDealivery amidst the pandemic to assist both our customers and our partner merchants. Here’s a list of our top deals that offer takeaway and delivery that are ideal nowadays:

1. Bake and Churn

Combine the comfort you get from ice cream and cake and you’re likely to find bliss no matter how difficult things may seem. Every bite of these delectable ice cream cakes from Bake and Churn is bound to make you feel like everything’s going to be just fine. Just hold on, and things will get better.

Bake and Churn

2. Shrimp Bucket

Seafood is another comfort food that could lift your spirits in a snap. Shrimps may take center stage but you can still indulge in other seafood favorites like crabs, mussels, and more. Those who aren’t into seafood much won’t feel left out as beef, pork and chicken can also be found on the Shrimp Bucket menu.

Shrimp Bucket

3. Juju Eats

One of the lessons that this pandemic taught us is that eating healthy is important to boost your immune system. Juju Eats just makes it easy for you to like adopting a healthy eating habit with their delicious salads, wraps, and other guilt-free fares.

Juju Eats

4. Mesa Filipino Moderne

Make the most out of a truly homegrown meal that will make you feel nostalgic, reminiscing days of old with classic Filipino dishes. Enjoy a sumptuous meal with the family for truly wonderful bonding moments with classics from Mesa Filipino Moderne.


5. Bevenito Catering

Celebrating a special occasion without your usual crew manning the kitchen? There’s no need to fret as Bevenito Catering has you covered! Select the meal package you prefer, have them delivered at your door (or pick them up), and celebrate away!

Bevenito Catering

6. Big Guys Pizza

Pizza and delivery. What more can you ask for? Well, how about a humongous 36-inch pizza landing right at your doorstep? You can count on Big Guys Pizza to make it happen.

Big Guys Pizza

7. Food to Go by Albergus

We just can’t get enough of classic Filipino dishes as we count on them to make us feel better most of the time. Splurge on the classics like Beef Steak Tagalog, Pork Sisig, Kare-Kare with Bagoong, and a whole lot more. Feast on these delectable dishes from Food to Go by Albergus.

Food to Go by Albergus

8. Goolai

Another hit for the healthy eating trend is Goolai with awesome salads that won’t break the bank. Go on a tasty adventure and explore their wide array of dressings to go with your greens and fantastic salad combinations.


9. Gyeonggi Samgyupsal

Still hooked on Samgyupsal? Gyeonggi Samgyupsal brings everything you need to satisfy your cravings right at your doorstep. Yes, that includes a 3-hour rental of cooking equipment to ensure that you get the whole Samgyupsal experience.

Geonggi Samgyupsal

10. New Peach Blossoms Restaurant

This pioneer that caters to traditional Filipino family dining concludes our list of top MetroDealivery deals. Serving set menus designed to meet the usual spread of old school Pinoy family gathering, you’ll savor the flavors of homecoming meals that New Peach Blossoms Restaurant provides.

New Peach Blossoms Restaurant

Staying home safely need not mean denying yourself of your favorite eats. With MetroDealivery, you can enjoy your beloved food in the comfort of your homes. Stay tuned for more surprises on how we deliver your favorites as things are just about to get even better.

Have you tried any of those on our list? Share your experience with us in the comments section.

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