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Samgyupsal at Home

Tips on Enjoying the Samgyupsal Craze at Home

The Korean Barbecue craze had been raging for a while when the lock-down hit. The cravings continue and businesses heed the call so they started providing delivery service where some even include rental for grilling equipment.

SamgyupKart Co.

Unlike most K-BBQ restaurants where a wide array of ingredients is spread out like a buffet, ingredients have to be narrowed down to packages for delivery deals. Here are some tips on how to make the most of enjoying Samgyupsal in the comforts of your home.

Samgyup sa Bahay

1. Meat Up

Hardcore K-BBQ fans suggest sticking to 2 to 3 choices of meat type when you go for a grilling trip. This is still ideal for home grilling. Limiting your meat choices will allow you to focus and savor the distinctive flavor of each type of meat instead of confusing your palate when the different flavors mix together.

Jin Joo Korean Grill

If we have to be technical about it, samgyupsal basically refers to pork belly while galbi is for ribs, which is usually marinated. Other meat choices refer to specific parts of pork, beef, or chicken.

Jin Joo Korean Grill

JenMart Food Alley offers single and 2-meat combination as options for their delivery deal. SamgyupKart Co. and Samgyup sa Bahay, on the other hand, offer pork and beef combination for every option based on the package you’ll opt to buy.

2. Grill it Right

To truly enjoy your K-BBQ experience, it is best to lay the onions and other vegetables on the grill first to add flavor to your meat when you start grilling them. This will also keep the grill from being too sticky when you cook the meat. Save the marinated ones for last to preserve the flavor of plain cuts. If you’re grilling at home, you won’t have the luxury of requesting a change of grill in the middle of your meal as you would when you dine in a restaurant.    

Samgyup sa Bahay

Jin Joo Korean Grill, offers pork, beef, and chicken at their Glorietta, SM Aura, and The Podium branches. You get to select marinated choices along with your samgyupsal.

3. Skimp on the Carbs

Just like when you’re enjoying a buffet in a restaurant, you might want to keep the carbs to a minimum so you can enjoy more of your samgyupsal. Rice is indeed important to balance the flavors, but try not to go overboard to save some room in your tummy. This may not be as important if you’re grilling at home with your own equipment since you can just grill up any other time. If it’s a rental, however, you probably need to finish grilling all the meat to enjoy them as they are meant to be consumed before the usual 3-hour rental period is up. 

4. It’s a Wrap

When you start digging in, keep in mind that it’s samgyupsal, not a burrito. Keep the serving small (bite-sized) when you put the meat with add-ons and a bit of rice in your lettuce to wrap them together before dunking it in dipping sauce.

There really isn’t much difference in enjoying your K-BBQ in a restaurant or at home other than it’s a tad more personal and comfortable. Since it’s just you & the closest to you, making a mess won’t be a big deal. That’s what makes it more fun!

JenMart Food Alley

Go ahead, grab that samgyupsal delivery deal and start enjoying it with the fam bam to celebrate a special occasion or simply to have a great meal.  

Do you have other K-BBQ home-grilling tips to share? Let us know in the comment section!

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