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Summer Blast

Summer Blast

Can’t wait for the summer season to begin? It’s been a rather challenging start of the year as we got hit by one challenge after another. But as Pinoys, we’re as resilient as ever. We face every hurdle standing tall, firmly believing that we can get through it. One way to get past anything is to look forward to what’s ahead–summer. That’s what we can await eagerly as we set our sights over the horizon.

It’s never too late to plan ahead so let’s look into some activities that could make us have a blast this summer. I know that it’s usually all about the beach & pool for summer but let’s go set our sights on stuff beyond the usual.


Soar high & keep reaching for the sky! Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or someone who needs to conquer your fear of heights, paragliding is definitely a great way to launch a summer of epic proportions. Grab this MetroDeal from Paragliding Philippines, Inc. while you still can and experience the thrill for less!


Go ahead, channel your inner Katniss and hit that bull’s eye. It may not be a game of survival but you do have to volunteer and grab this offer for an introductory lesson at The Archery Academy to kick off your summer. You just might spend the rest of the summer honing your skills when you fall in love with the fascinating sport of Archery.

The Archery Academy

Virtual Reality

Dive into immersive virtual reality experience and take your gaming experience up a notch. Choose from awesome action-packed digital adventure options from this offer from VR Land and enter an alternate universe with family or friends for some great bonding moments.

VR Land

Healthy Cooking

So, you know how to cook. How about expanding your repertoire with healthy dishes to wow your family and friends? Get into healthier lifestyle with International Open Academys online courses on Gluten-free, Whole Food, and Plant-based Cooking at fabulous discounts.


Perhaps you noticed that your little one is showing interest & inclination to music? Hone such talent and unlock their potential with this great offer from Musicology. Other than the sheer pleasure of listening to them play, there are other benefits to be gained from learning music. This could be the summer that their musical journey starts.


You want to be fit but you’re not too keen on going to the gym for a full workout? Well, you can always dance your way to fitness! A program aimed at yuppies who can only squeeze in some time after work, this is a deal from Outlet Dance Studio in Makati that you just can’t miss. You don’t even have to wait for summer to get started either!

Aside from the perennial tendencies to go to the beach or the pool, do you have other activities for the summer you want to share with us? Drop us a line at the comment section.

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