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New Year, Improved You

New Year, Improved Version of You

Holidays can be quite draining with all the parties, get together, reunions… whatever you want to call it. Despite feeling bushed with all the preparations and festivities, you’d still be brimming with excitement as you look forward to what the new year brings.

Oh, and it’s not only a new year but a new decade! Who wouldn’t be thrilled with that?! Naturally, you’d want a clean slate, right? You have to be super ready to face everything and we have some great ideas you might want to consider and it’s all about you. Yes you!

Get a massage
Wipe out all that exhaustion brought about by the holiday season! I know it’s all worth it but moving on to the next decade require a very much rejuvenated version of you. Aside from relaxation, a good massage has other health benefits. So, go ahead and set aside some time for a spa visit at Wensha Spa or Baan Khun Thai Arnaiz, two of our bestselling massage deals.

Schedule a salon visit
Nothing makes a woman feel brand new better than a visit to the salon to update her looks. Whether you’re looking into having your hair rebonded or getting a digital perm, we’ve got you covered! We’re even throwing a haircut in the mix with our bestselling deal from Tony and Jackey. Perhaps you’re just in the mood for changing the color of your tresses? You can try that with either cellophane treatment or highlights at Cresel Creation Salon.

Get in shape
With all the festivities (translate: feasts & buffets) during the holidays, getting in shape usually lands on top of people’s much-rebuked New Year’s Resolution because this one gets reinstated year after year. Break the vicious cycle and make it real! Get that membership at Gold’s Gym & start your fitness journey. If you’re one of those who don’t have the time to squeeze gym time to your routine, you can always go for NovaShape Lipomelt Body Contouring at Montesa Medical Group (formerly Shimmian Manila Medigroup). Body Contouring is somewhat ideal for stubborn flabs after pregnancy or weight-loss and you’re a bit impatient to tone your body through hardcore exercise.

Make your skin glow
Strip your face of blemishes and dead skin and banish them with the year that was. Exfoliate with a diamond peel guaranteed to refresh your look and give you that pinkish glow. You can also opt for skin whitening treatment or perhaps you’d rather go for IPL hair removal instead. Go for any of those (or all three!) with Surgilight, another one of our bestsellers.

Push for more
Let’s go beyond the basics and push the envelope just a wee bit. Don’t wait for that extra special occasion to get eyelash extensions. Well, if you really need a good excuse, how about a new decade? That should be enough of a reason to have that classic eyelash extensions at Asia’s Lashes. This way, you get to flutter those gorgeous lashes as you face a sparkling new decade with confidence.

Think we covered it or do you have other ideas you’d like to share? Let us know at the comments section!

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