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MetroDeal LokaLOVE

MetroDeal LokaLOVE

This pandemic is bound to change life as we know it. For one, we have been forced to face some lessons and realizations on things we have taken for granted like health and family. The devastation and frustrations as we struggle to fight this invisible enemy are real. Nevertheless, Pinoys are inherently resilient and we just know that we will survive this.

In the aftermath of this challenging time, it is important to rise above it as one. We need to tap into the bayanihan spirit as we rebuild the nation. It is with this concept that MetroDeal brings you, LokaLOVE which serves as an avenue to support our local businesses to ensure their survival in this challenging time. Our customers, on the other hand, can focus on what to look forward to when this is all over. Visualize what it would be like in a month or so to improve your mood. Here are some of the available deals that you can enjoy later:


If there’s one thing we all miss nowadays, it’s dining out. Savoring good food with great conversations with family and friends in our favorite restaurants had been such a norm that we probably took it for granted. Don’t you just miss your regular dose of K-BBQ? How about tasty drinks and snacks just for hanging out? It would be so much fun to hear that comforting buzz around you as you delight in every bite of your beloved fares.

Mr. Korea Unlimited BBQ
Nacho King

Spa, Beauty & Wellness

Spa day and pampering treats are just some of the things that had to take a backseat as we focus on doing our part to flatten the curve. A salon visit is most likely one of the things you’d like to do when the ECQ gets lifted. Hair color treatment to retouch or revamp is possibly on top of the list along with haircut. Bring definition back to your woefully neglected brows with microblading because kilay is life! Finally, celebrate freedom of movement once again with a rejuvenating massage! Just dreaming of your spa treats soon is bound to make your day so take your pick among all your options!

Hair Color


Having been confined at home for a couple of months, the desire to go out and travel can be expected. Planning trips as we are (hopefully) in the last leg of ECQ would help in keeping despair at bay. A trip to Boracay would be lovely! If you’re up for some camping, Masasa Beach is a wonderful destination. How about the classic favorite, Canyon Cove? Now is the time to plan your next destination which you used to keep putting off for later and finally make it happen.

Boracay Sands
Masasa Beach
Canyon Cove


Looking for your next fun activities is a great way to lift your spirits as you hold on and stay safe. Focus on the wonderful side of life without having to travel too far. Surround yourself with everything sweet at The Dessert Museum with family and friends. You can also take a tour around the Philippine archipelago at Lakbay Museo and behold everything about Pinoy pride. If baking is your thing, we recommend Bakebe-PH so you can experience the first co-baking studio in the metro. These are wonderful places you can enjoy within the metro as an ideal way to reunite with friends when you can finally get together again!

The Dessert Museum
Lakbay Museo

The struggle may not be over yet, but we also ought to focus on what to look forward to in the next phase knowing that we will get through this. Together, we will rise above this and get back on our feet.  

What local deals would you love to enjoy later? Share them with us in the comment section!

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