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Making the Most Out of Quarantine Life Part 2

Making the Most Out of Quarantine Life Part 2

Week three of Enhanced Community Quarantine. Feeling antsy yet? That feeling of being held hostage inside your home is probably starting to get to you by now. Some of us with work from home arrangement still have enough diversion to keep us from falling into that bottomless pit of absolute boredom. Others, however, are not as lucky. Sure, at first blush, the idea of binge-watching movies and series on Netflix seem wonderful. However, if you’re not one of those people who have turned indolence into an art form, you’re likely to feel restless already by day three.

Here’s the next set of tips that might save you from feeling helplessly trapped within the four corners of your home.

Bring Out Your Creative Side

Tapping into your creativity is a great way for your mind to be preoccupied enough that time simply just pass by. Take your doodling into the next level and make really good doodles! You can even take drawing lessons for beginners online if you want to go for creating good illustrations. Learn how to hone your drawing skills with techniques that would allow you to know how to make proper sketches.


As with playing instruments, you don’t have to be very good at it right away (or ever). As long as you use this as a means to express how you feel, it won’t only serve as something to pass the time but it’s an activity that is very cathartic as well. It’s just something we all need in this time of uncertainties.

Pick Up a New Hobby

Somewhat related to having an outlet for your creative side, finding a new hobby you’d enjoy is another way to swerve away from feeling fidgety. The thing about hobbies is that it’s a totally optional activity. You get to choose what appeals to you, what you enjoy doing; and with that, it becomes a stress-reliever.

Face painting

If you feel like you’re not likely to progress past drawing stick figures and you’re getting impatient already, you could look for another creative outlet. How about scrapbooking? As there’s really no hard and fast rules for creating a scrapbook, you can’t go wrong. Feeling ambitious? Try learning face painting! I bet the kids would love it and this skill can be pretty handy during kiddie parties, which can even be a good sideline job later.

Start a Blog or Vlog

If sharing is your thing, blogging or vlogging would be a good way to occupy your time. Perhaps you’d been meaning to start doing it but never had the time before. Well, chances are, you have the time to do so now. So, don’t delay and start your own blog now.


Most personal blogs are casual in nature so it’s not too intimidating. There are lots of bilingual blogs out there so be it in English or Taglish, it’s your call. If you’re not that much into writing, vlogging is a way to go. As long as you’re not camera shy and you don’t mind speaking to the camera with your imaginary audience, you’re good to go. All of us have a story to tell, and it’s just up to you to put your story out there.

Try Poetry or Songwriting

Some may say that these are a bit hardcore when it comes to creative pursuits as these require mastery of either the English language or your native tongue (for some, both). If you’re looking into writing poems and creating lyrics in English and you’re not confident enough yet, you can go for an online course to improve your skills.

Poetry and songwriting bank on creativity and play with words for its musicality. Try your hand in any of the two as a means to express how you feel. Draw inspiration from your current situation and make this difficult time a wonderful moment of self-expression that you could look back to in the future. Make your poem or song, a token of how you survived this.

Perhaps those who get bored during this quarantine period are not looking hard enough. If you’ll set your mind to it, there are at least a hundred things you could do while stuck at home. From the mundane things to the tough ones; you just have to be determined enough to find ways to fill the gap.

Do you have other tips you’d like to add on our list? Share them in the comments section! We’d love to hear about them.

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