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Love Matters

Love Matters

The love month is almost upon us and as most hopeless romantics would say around this time, “Love is in the air.”

The history of this annual celebration of love paints a rather dark image as historians believe it originated from the Pagan tradition of Lupercalia, celebrated every 15th of February. With the rise of Christianity, this tradition had been merged with the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day on February 14 and has been carried on to the present day to represent love and romance. Perhaps coming in second to Christmas, Valentine’s Day is a time to be happy. To achieve this goal, I’d say, love matters. A lot.

Spreading happiness should be everybody’s priority. For one, happiness has positive significance on your lifespan. In our effort to help you make your Valentine’s Day special, allow us to aim the spotlight on a few selected deals:

Bayview Park Hotel

Plan that sweet overnight staycation for 2 persons with breakfast & dinner buffet as well as couple massage along with other perks at Bayview Park Hotel. If you can’t get away overnight, you can just opt for a romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner Buffet. A bit of alone time to focus on each other is just what you need to keep the love alive or to make a new love flourish.  

Manila Bay Yacht Cruises

If you aim to impress, a 3-course dinner aboard a yacht cruise has romance written all over it. Wine and dine as you sail along Manila Bay to make it your best Valentine’s Date to beat. This luxurious cruise is bound to sweep her off her feet & her heart flutter.

Midas Hotel

Midas Hotel also offers romantic Valentine’s Day lunch or dinner buffet at Midas Cafe where you and your date get to enjoy a fabulous spread of international fares. If you’re more into authentic Japanese dishes for this special day, you may opt for Yanagi instead, located at the Mezzanine level. Whichever you prefer, you’re bound to have a time-honored romantic dinner to celebrate love.


Berjaya Hotel

Go on a special Valentine’s Day dinner for 2 at El Prado Restaurant in Berjaya Hotel Makati. A set meal designed with lovely couples in mind to relish, you and your date are bound to appreciate every bite. Cap the romantic night at their photo booth to perfectly capture the charming moment.

Expressing love, of course, should really be all throughout the year. It’s just that at least once a year, you get to do just a little bit more. What matters is that you make the day extra special and give your happy meter a wonderful boost. As a lot of hubbies can attest, “happy wife, happy life” is indeed for real.

Do you have a Valentine’s Day date wish list? Share them with us at the comment section. We’d love to hear from you.

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