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Ace Buffet

How to Slay the Buffet Scene: Getting More Bang for Your Buck

Stepping into a buffet restaurant for the first time could make you feel like a kid on a Christmas morning. Where to start & how to navigate?

The metro experienced a boom in buffet restaurants in the past six years or so as they started sprouting everywhere and diners couldn’t help but get into the eat-all-you-can bandwagon. They’ve been around for a while already but some still don’t get to unleash their potential when it comes to slaying the buffet scene to make the most out of what they paid for. Allow us to help and point you to the right direction.

Be on the lookout for the best deals.

With too many choices from south to north and vice versa, it’s ideal to look for the best promos around. Not all buffets are created equal and some would normally be beyond your budget range. If you keep your eyes (and ears) open, however, you’ll get the chance to experience excellent buffet at top-rated hotels & restaurants through great deals that allows you to squeeze it into your budget. Make it a habit to check out MetroDeal’s Buffet Mania for fabulous buffet deals & choose the best fit for you.

Ace International Buffet

Do a recon.

Don’t just dive in and grab the first appetizing dish within your reach. I know it’s tempting, but resist! Maximizing your buffet adventure requires strategy and to do so, proper reconnaissance is a must. Navigate the area & check every station so you can plan which to sample & what to make room for. You wouldn’t want to be too full by the time you spot a dish you would’ve loved better.

Midas Cafe Buffet

Go for the fancy.

The thing about recon? You get to see the pricey dishes you tend to skip on the menu when you order a la carte when you’re on a budget. So, have a bit of lechon de leche; visit the carving station for some steak; chow on lobsters, king prawns, and salmon. Rule of thumb is to have dishes you don’t normally eat at home & those you usually can’t afford to splurge on.

The Heritage Hotel’s Riviera Cafe

Small portions should cover it.

Presentation is a crucial part of a great buffet and people tend to want to pile their plate high with heaps of food. Curb the urge to do so. Just take small portions so you’d get to sample whatever calls your fancy (or palate) or just about everything on the spread. A bit of restraint could go a long way & save you from regrets later.

Yanagi at Midas Hotel

Skip the carbs.

Rice is a staple to almost every Filipino diet & majority of Pinoys can’t call it a meal if there’s no rice involved. Rice, along with potatoes, pasta, and bread, take up a lot of room in your tummy that would keep you from eating enough of the good stuff. If you want to maximize the experience, you have to watch your starch intake.

Ace International Buffet

Easy on the fizzy.

You need to drink water, preferably lemon water, before digging in to aid digestion but you have to avoid chugging too much liquids after the initial drink.  Soda is a definite no-no, as those fizzy drinks tend to make you feel full easily that you won’t have enough room for much. If you want a reboot for another round, then go for hot tea instead!

Keep these tips in mind on your next buffet expedition but don’t forget to be in the moment and enjoy the experience. Savor every bite & delight in the play of flavors of every combination. Slay it & make every buffet trip memorable!

Got any tip you’d like to add on the list? Let us know on the comment section. We’d love to hear about it.

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