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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Deals for Dad: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Celebration for Father’s Day may not be as elaborate as Mother’s Day but we still know how to show our Dads that they are still very much appreciated and loved. When it comes to gift-giving, don’t fret much about it. Just find a gift that matches his personality. Here’s a list of Dad Types and our recommended gifts he’d likely enjoy.

1. Daddy Chef

He loves to cook, there’s no question about it. The dishes are totally delicious as he goes all the way in on the ingredients so everybody just loves to dig in.

Let Daddy Chef impress you with what he’s got with Ready-to-Cook USDA Rib Eye Steak from Steak Shop or allow him to indulge in the joys of homemade pasta with a Manual Pasta Maker. How about turning everyone into a chef with a smokeless Barbecue Grill for some Samgyupsal right at home!

2. Fashionista Dad

Trendy and dapper, the Fashionista Dad knows all about looking good. He doesn’t let fatherhood get in the way of his sense of style.

Let him know just how cool he is with a nifty caricature of himself from Mni Me Caricature Dolls to capture his dashing persona or a cool Fossil Watch.

3. Sporty Dad

Fitness and sports are his priority so he’s happiest when he’s physically active. Bonding moments usually involve sports like basketball, cycling, and the likes.

Let him keep a fit body with membership at UFC Gym Philippines or gift him with a Tandem Paragliding Experience for some adrenaline rush.

4. Daddy Techie

He’s all about the latest in technology and he absolutely loves gizmos and all sorts of gadgets to make life easier. Daddy Techie is one who truly appreciates the convenience brought by technology.

Feed his sense of need to keep those gadgets running with a Romoss Sense X Power Bank or a customized Laptop Sleeve

5. Seryoso Dad

Usually strict and stern, Seryoso Dad generally takes pride in the family. He can be quite busy working so he tends to expect you to be more responsible.

Remind him of great family moments with a Personalized Desktop Plaque to display on his office desk or give him a chance to have a break from his hectic schedule with a trip to Boracay.

Daddy, Papa, Itay, Tatay, or Ama–regardless of how you call the fathers in your life, let’s show them that all their hard work and sacrifice for the family is and will always be appreciated. Spread the love on Father’s Day.

Is there a Dad Type you’d like to add on our list? Share it with us in the Comment Section.

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