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Experience the 15-Step Facial Supreme at Diana Stalder for P210 instead of P420 - Soothe, Hydrate and Rejuvenate Your Skin

Sold Deal
P420 50% P210


  • Diana Stalder's signature treatment considered as the best facial in terms of quality and value for money
  • Top aesthetic skin procedure that follows a signature 15 steps exclusively delivered by professional skin therapists
  • Suitable for men and women of any age
  • Preventive treatment to beat wrinkles before they occur as it helps slow down premature aging
  • The experienced Beauty Therapists are friendly and make sure you're comfortable as you get treated

Left without treatment, the face and body can become a battleground between the forces of sexy and unsexy. Avoid World War III from breaking out before important meetings with today's MetroDeal: For P210 instead of P420, a rejuvenating and refreshing Facial Supreme Treatment suitable for both men and women of any age awaits you at the clinics of Diana Stalder.


A Facial Supreme treatment Involves 3-step cleansing that clears superficial dirt and skin debris off your face followed by a 2-step brushing that completes the deep cleansing; steaming to soften the skin and boost circulation. The 2-step vacuum and lympathic drainage process follows which takes away skin impurities and toxins. Black heads, whiteheads and comedones are then pushed out of your skin through the mechanical pricking phase. The hot compress then regulates blood circulation that was disturbed during the pricking part of the treatment whiel the cold compress closes the skin pores and calms the skin after the thorough cleansing. Light therapy is then employed to promote healing of the skin while the massage during the facials stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.



This intensive process makes faces feel silky smooth and rejuvenated, eliminating out-of-date skin particles, stimulating cell turnover and leaving faces sliky smooth and fashionably fresh.

While the outer self is freshened, the luxurious facilities at the clinics of Diana Stalder, soothe the inner self with bold colors and brightly lit spaces. Their knowledgeable staff and relaxing atmosphere provide the perfect environment for stress-free escape from all work and tension.

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Diana Stalder

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Diana Stalder
Experience the 15-Step Facial Supreme at Diana Stalder for P210 instead of P420 - Soothe, Hydrate and Rejuvenate Your Skin
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