Get your Body in Shape with Lipo Cavitation Treatment at Revisage Medical Aesthetic Clinic for P99 instead of P1500

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  • Lipo cavitation is the ultimate technology to reduce fat using completely safe and localized treatments
  • Completely non-surgical and performed by medical professionals
  • Offers immediate, noticeable results after each session
  • Hollywood stars like Megan Fox and Charlize Theron have embraced this method of slimming as their new best friend
  • Multiple sessions recommended for best results

Marilyn Monroe is said to be the last icon of the hourglass shape era that traces its origin back to the Edwardian times. As the current lifestyle trend focuses on wellness and healthy living, the hourglass figure is now staging a much anticipated comeback. Experience the revolutionary non-surgical lipo-sculpting—the Lipo Cavitation Treatment—at Revisage Medical Aesthetic Clinic for P99 instead of P1500.



It is a revolutionary treatment that targets superficial and deep internal fat simultaneously, using unique cavitation technology that allows for non-invasive removal of stubborn fat deposits that never seems to disappear regardless of your diet or exercise regime. This fat-reducing, body-sculpting and cellulite-reducing procedure requires no an aesthetic, leaves no scars, and requires no recovery period after the treatment. The machine has a built-in lymph drainage that allows the treatment to be fully completed with a pleasant massage. This massage provides excellent drainage and lymphatic circulation re-activation effects, thus speeding up the body’s removal of the residual fat. The special patented makes the device extremely effective and completely safe.



Revisage Medical Aesthetic Clinic's team of qualified professionals offer a personalized approach to every individual's beauty and skin care needs. They offer a wide range of services, from clinical peels to slimming procedures. On top of quality service and innovative treatments, the clinic has a warm and comfortable atmosphere where you will feel at complete ease.

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Get your Body in Shape with Lipo Cavitation Treatment at Revisage Medical Aesthetic Clinic for P99 instead of P1500
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