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Get a Massage Anywhere, Anytime with Silklite Inflatable Vibrating Massage Pillow for P399 instead of P999

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P999 60% P600


  • Portable and lightweight, bring this touch-activated massage pillow with you anywhere for soothing relief from achesand pains anytime
  • Alleviate fatigue by regularly using it while you watch tv, sit at your desk or wait in traffic
  • Even when you feel fine, it’s great for getting massages to jumpstart your day or to relax you at bedtime
  • Ideal to give as a thoughtful gift to family and friends who might welcome the daily relief
  • Dimensions: 11.81 x 10.24 x 3.54 inches; weight: 15 oz.; uses 2 size D batteries (not included)
  • Delivery starts May 9, 2013

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  • Free delivery nationwide
  • Please make your reservations after purchasing your MetroDeal voucher by sending an email to one_bigdeal@yahoo.com with your MetroDeal voucher code, security code, full name, complete delivery address and telephone number
  • Merchant reserves the right not to process orders with incomplete details as required above until all information is forwarded
  • Voucher is transferable and can be given as gift to family and friends
  • Buy as many vouchers as you want
  • Subject to availability

If day in and day out, you drag yourself out of bed into the shower, inch your way to work like a zombie coming off a sugar rush, perform tasks at work perfunctorily as you count the hours until you’re out, drive home after another white lie to friends why you’re anti-social, and make it in one piece through the front door only to fall into bed with your shoes on, you need today’s MetroDeal: Get a Massage Anywhere, Anytime with Silklite Inflatable Vibrating Massage Pillow for P399 instead of P999.



Your days and nights shouldn’t be subpar. Take it from the wise men of today: You live only once. Never be too tired to take on life and all the joys it entails just because of some pesky ache reverberating from your tailbone up to your neck every now and then, or from your shoulders down to your derriere most Fridays. Some days you just really need a gentle shaking up literally.


Get a massage, every day of your life. No? Oh, yes, you can. In the comfort of your home, office chair, car or cab, let Silklite Inflatable Vibrating Massage Pillow give you relief. Touch it, sit on it, lean back on it, and feel bliss surging through your limbs, into your muscles, right through your veins. It’s easily explained by science which says that gentle vibration soothes the body because it get your blood circulating better and invigorates your system especially when used regularly. Make it a part of your wellness regimen along with regular exercise and a proper diet. With Silklite
Inflatable Vibrating Massage Pillow, you’re taking charge of the glitches in your matrix and redefining staycation in one move.

Sold By:
Qualisource Ventures

302 Regina Bldg. Escolta St., Sta. Cruz, Manila


Phone: (02) 514-3487, (02) 354-3813, 0949-8385368


Email: qualisource.ventures@ gmail.com

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Qualisource Ventures
Get a Massage Anywhere, Anytime with Silklite Inflatable Vibrating Massage Pillow for P399 instead of P999
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