Deal Site Metrodeal A Scam?

Deal Site Metrodeal A Scam?

April 30, 2012, Metro Manila, Philippines: Metrodeal would be featured in XXX in a scam involving online voucher purchase for a trip to HongKong.
Metrodeal is an online deal site or a buying site that offers online vouchers for services, products and even overseas trips. People are enticed to buy on these sites because they offer big discounts and promos on products and services that you will not find anywhere.

According to the XXX news bit, a buyer of an online voucher in Metrodeal has purchased a trip for his family to Hongkong. After she purchased the voucher, the travel agency that started the promo on Metrodeal suddenly ceased operations and the buyer cannot contact the travel agency and Metrodeal anymore.

According to Dishtonight, A website that has a deal on Metrodeal, Metrodeal apparently gave a different tablet to its buyers instead of the Tablets that was advertised by Dishtonight and in the Metrodeal website. On the dishtoning tablet Metrodeal voucher, what is advertised was a 10 inch tablet but what Metrodeal gave is a 7 inch tablet which some people claiming as defective and ofcourse not the tablet they have ordered. Dishtonight has claimed that Metrodeal apparently bought tablet units from a different company and gave those tablet units instead of Dishtonight's tablets.

Here is the dishtonight tablet Metrodeal Link.(It has ended more than a month ago. Apparently it was changed to a 7 inch but several websites has reported it as 10 inches. Click Here and Here. These sites are what I call Deal aggregates. They aggregate all deal sites posting into their site making it convenient for people to see all deals of every site than going to one site to another)

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